• Dudhwa National Park

    Dudhwa National Park, a paradise for nature lovers!

    Dudhwa National Park, Pallia Kalan, Uttar Pradesh. A relatively small and lesser known national park in comparison to big names like Kanha, Jim Corbett, Bharatpur etc, is in the tarai belt of Uttar Pradesh. Though being a tiger reserve since 1879 it gained prominence only in 1977 and after acquiring Project Tiger in 1988 it gained more fame. Located on the Indo Nepal border the weather can be a spoil sport in summers but in winters and spring it is a must for all the nature lovers. Around 230 Kilometers from Lucknow it is a 5 hour drive. The route is a mixed bag, where till Sitapur [around 80 Kms]…

  • Lucknow Badrinath on Bike

    Badrinath: Lucknow to Badrinath road trip!

    In continuation with Road Trip from Lucknow to Tungnath On our return leg from Tungnath we arrived at Chamoli in the evening next day and instead of planning any stay there we decided to continue our onward journey. Crossing Vishnuprayag, the confluence of river Alaknanda and Saraswati we reached Pipalkoti. It was getting dark so we took a hotel near the bus stand for overnight stay. I had stayed there before and I remember that the place would be overcrowded but that day there were hardly any tourist. We had vegetable pakoras at the bus stand and on enquiry our doubts were put to rest. After the Kedarnath disaster two…

  • Trek route to Tungnath

    Road Trip! Lucknow to Tungnath

    Instinctively, four of us [all teachers in the same school] decided to go on a long journey and that too on a bike. Instinctively, because tripe like these are never planned long before and also because none of us had ever embarked on an endeavour like this before. So we got our bikes serviced and on advice [or rather bad advice] of one of us, we commenced our journey from Lucknow at night without the finalization of the final destination [Surprisingly]. So the clothing that included jeans, warm jackets and rain coat was packed. Documents related to personal identity and vehicles were double checked and stacked carefully. First Aid box…