• Sunrise

    SUNRISE! A spectacular phenomenon.

    Sun rises from the East…… A very usual and natural reasoning but it gives apparently a wrong notion that the sun is moving while our earth is stationary. The fact is totally the opposite but then who cares about the science when you are witnessing the majesty of the morning sun in it’s bright golden glory breaching all the obstacles of darkness of the night. Sometimes you often ponder how weak and frail is the darkness as it is literally knocked out by the initial first few rays of the sun. Sunrise is that initial moment when the sun just appears on the horizon. Suddenly the whole sky is full…

  • Varanasi: City from past in the modern era!

    Varanasi: An ancient mystery in modern era!

    Last weekend I along with my friends decided to visit Varanasi. A city that I had heard so much but never had a chance to have a glimpse of it. Somewhat like a hindi movie, Sholay. Wondering, what a simile? I saw it when I was 18 and it was released when I was born. When I saw it I knew each and every dialogue of the movie but was experiencing it for the first time in visual form. Varanasi is different. It is historical, majestic, spiritual, classic, aesthetic, pious… [… running out of adjectives]. Before even I had embarked upon the journey I felt as if I knew the…

  • Why do hills keep calling me?

    Why do hills keep calling me?

    It is just an after thought. I have been traveling for the last 20 years now and have traversed varied landscapes including mountains, deserts, cities, villages, pilgrimage, plateaus, forests, river beds, beaches and ravines. Today, when I look back, the astonishing fact that emerges is that I have explored all these places, other than hills, only when I was visiting my friends or relatives. Luckily I have many of them, and sight seeing was a convenient getaway from their places of residence. Other than that, all my trips have been to the mountains, primarily Himalayas. I always travel in the company of my family or friends. After some of the…

  • Why travel?

    Why you need to Travel?

    Travel if you can because life is short and the world is too large a place to explore in a life time. So, do not confine yourself to your nest, soar high and see your surroundings. That provides you with the awareness that no book, blogs or any other write ups can provide. Common Reasons: Travelling ensures that you get away from your regular 24 hour day long schedule. You break that synchronous daily cycle and give time to yourself. You explore new and different civilizations, landscapes, terrains, habitats, life styles, socio economic structures and living creatures. Other Reasons: Ever wondered that the sun even rises at the place you…

  • Kashmir Trip

    KASHMIR! Srinagar, Sonmarg Trip

    Mark my words, any destination in Kashmir is appropriate for spending few days of an extended weekend in summers but my family and close friends do not think so. With limited sources of information their perception has overridden their logical analysis and mere mention of Kashmir gives them jitters. Don’t get intimated by the news and beliefs, my personal experience has been that in worst scenario you may get stuck for few days but you will not be harmed. Forget the polity, the peoples of the state are most humble and take good care of tourists. To avoid any trouble [though there won’t be any] do ensure that you book…