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PANGONG LAKE! Leh in Winters.


After having spent two days of December at Leh, [for details of 2 days read my last blog: Leh-A day trip], we were ready for the best of adventure. We had planned the day trip to Pangong Lake. We arranged Read more…

Leh in Winters! A day trip!

Leh in winters

Winters vacations were fast approaching and planning for them was keeping me busy. The diverse locations like Jaipur, Manali, Kausani, Srinagar, Shillong, Sikkim were being popped up by my family members and friends. With New Year round the corner I Read more…

Leh in winters! WHY?

why leh in winters

The first question everyone will ask you and there cardinality and persistence will force you at some stage to question yourself, why going to Leh in winters? Why December, January, February etc.? Why not the regular summer months? I will Read more…

Dudhwa National Park, a paradise for nature lovers!

Dudhwa National Park

Dudhwa National Park, Pallia Kalan, Uttar Pradesh. A relatively small and lesser known national park in comparison to big names like Kanha, Jim Corbett, Bharatpur etc, is in the tarai belt of Uttar Pradesh. Though being a tiger reserve since Read more…

HARIDWAR! A Gateway to Gods!


HISTORY: It is said to have been named ‘KAPILA’ after a sage with the same name. According to Hiuen Tsiang the place had a name ‘Gangadwara’. Prsent name Haridwar is the way to reach Hara [Lord Shiva, as claimed by Read more…