• why leh in winters

    Leh in winters! WHY?

    The first question everyone will ask you and there cardinality and persistence will force you at some stage to question yourself, why going to Leh in winters? Why December, January, February etc.? Why not the regular summer months? I will try to answer the question from 2 different aspects. KNOW LEH & LADAKH Ladakh, is a Persian transliteration of the Tibetan word,¬†La-dvags¬†meaning, land of high passes. And you wonder, passes to where and why? History says that only about 70 years ago, Ladakh was strategically located at the crossroads of important trade routes but with rising tensions over Aksai Chin, China has closed the Tibetan borders. Now these passes are…

  • Dudhwa National Park

    Dudhwa National Park, a paradise for nature lovers!

    Dudhwa National Park, Pallia Kalan, Uttar Pradesh. A relatively small and lesser known national park in comparison to big names like Kanha, Jim Corbett, Bharatpur etc, is in the tarai belt of Uttar Pradesh. Though being a tiger reserve since 1879 it gained prominence only in 1977 and after acquiring Project Tiger in 1988 it gained more fame. Located on the Indo Nepal border the weather can be a spoil sport in summers but in winters and spring it is a must for all the nature lovers. Around 230 Kilometers from Lucknow it is a 5 hour drive. The route is a mixed bag, where till Sitapur [around 80 Kms]…