Why travel?

Why you need to Travel?

Travel if you can because life is short and the world is too large a place to explore in a life time. So, do not confine yourself to your nest, soar high and see your surroundings. That provides you with the awareness that no book, blogs or any other write ups can provide.

A rock on hill
Why one should travel

Common Reasons: Travelling ensures that you get away from your regular 24 hour day long schedule. You break that synchronous daily cycle and give time to yourself. You explore new and different civilizations, landscapes, terrains, habitats, life styles, socio economic structures and living creatures.

Other Reasons: Ever wondered that the sun even rises at the place you dwell then why you need to see the sunrise on hills, on sea beaches, in deserts etc. What is so fascinating when the process is same just the background keeps changing? Reason lies in the deep desire of breaking the monotony. We want to see it differently that makes it worth giving a watch.

Birds can fly, so can u! Try It.
Birds can fly, so can u! Try It.

The same thing can be explained through another common phenomenon. When you visit another place or a city, you wish to look different. Somehow, you want to make it apparent that you do not belong to that place. This makes you see the place you are visiting differently while the local residents of the place. They may not find anything worthwhile in the local sights but you do. That is the reason why a traveler analyzes the things better.

Travelling enhances your self confidence. It augments your belief in yourself, your planning and your decisions. It makes you wise enough to take instant decisions, which sometimes may go wrong but they are important lessons for the life time.


Travel for the sake of passion. Not everybody gets enlightenment meditating at a place but to enlighten oneself he/ she needs to rove so that he/ she may have experiences, good or bad, that will add on to his/ her wisdom.

Do not make excuses of not having time or money to travel. Travel does not mean month long outings neither they are long car drives with stays in good resorts. If you are really busy even then you can have 1 or 2 days off for traveling. Generally, very busy peoples feel that relaxing at home for that short period of free time will charge them up before their next round of hectic schedule. That is not a correct foresight. Instead, just initiate a small getaway. The rest will follow suit.

Roads to nowhere lead you everywhere!
Roads to nowhere lead you everywhere!

As for the money, I personally have traveled on bike, an ordinary 100 cc bike, on state roadways buses, local hiking and on cars too but whatever the mode may have been, my memories of different trips have been extremely sweet and distinct. You can easily plan your trip that may fit in your financial constraints. That is the wisdom of planning. So get started …. Give up excuses … and start off. And yes… keep the company… family, friends or anyone, two or three, avoid travelling alone because that improves your wisdom regarding coexistence

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