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Month: March 2018

Why you need to Travel?

Why travel?

Travel if you can because life is short and the world is too large a place to explore in a life time. So, do not confine yourself to your nest, soar high and see your surroundings. That provides you with Read more…

KASHMIR! Srinagar, Sonmarg Trip

Kashmir Trip

Mark my words, any destination in Kashmir is appropriate for spending few days of an extended weekend in summers but my family and close friends do not think so. With limited sources of information their perception has overridden their logical Read more…

Are Travelers Escapists? An Essay!

Travelers are Escapists? Matter of debate but at least in literal sense they are.. or rather I am! We call our short trips get aways. Get away from what? Isn’t that escapism, an act of escape from boring and dreary Read more…

Pudducherry! A visit to a ‘new city’


For a North Indian, spending vacations in Chennai that too in sultry summers is a defining moment of life. Language, peoples, weather, eating habits, daily routine, architecture and nearly everything is so different. This diversity of India is so estimable Read more…