Do A Journey: Poem

Travel my friend! A Poem.

Travel My Friend!!!


Travel my friend, do a journey

Move away from a static point

Discover yourself and discover the world

Explore the nature, the beauty

The miseries, the pain and the sufferings

Dynamism will make your life sweet as honey

Travel my friend, do a journey


See the structures that were man made

But still withstood the withering of time

See them because they are wonders

Marvels not created by nature.

Because they will make you sit back and ponder

Is life only and only all about might and money?

Travel my friend, do a journey


Get away from the maddening crowds

The shrieks of the ever evolving dwellings

The concrete that has silenced the chirps

The walls that have stalled the winds

Creations that have even blinded the sun

Get away, get away while it is still sunny

Travel my friend, do a journey


Run! Run from your friends and foes alike

Run away from your loved ones

Run away from orders, advises and requests

Run from your iterating schedule

From bed to work and back again

Do not wait for your death bed to flee

Travel my friend, do a journey


But where will you go?

To the wild streams or to the jungle

To the towering hills or to the vast oceans

Or to the serene farm lands in deep woods

Or may be to a pious place for worship

Or wherever soul doesn’t demand alimony

Travel my friend, do a journey


Travel… turn back and travel in

Explore yourself from within

Develop a feel that has feelings

So that you can enjoy the world

And every crystal that’s part of it

Connect to the nature but not bodily

Travel my friend, do a journey


Travel my friend, just…

just!!! do a journey!!

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