• Do A Journey: Poem

    Travel my friend! A Poem.

    Travel My Friend!!!   Travel my friend, do a journey Move away from a static point Discover yourself and discover the world Explore the nature, the beauty The miseries, the pain and the sufferings Dynamism will make your life sweet as honey Travel my friend, do a journey   See the structures that were man made But still withstood the withering of time See them because they are wonders Marvels not created by nature. Because they will make you sit back and ponder Is life only and only all about might and money? Travel my friend, do a journey   Get away from the maddening crowds The shrieks of the…

  • Travel

    Chakrata! Green & Serene!

    A weekend trip we made to escape the scorching peak summer heat of the Indian plains. We had heard about Chakrata and also that it is not too far off from the national capitol so we made our reservations to Dehra Dun by train. It is a short overnight journey and around 7 p.m. we were at Dehra Dun Railway Station. We took a GMVN Taxi. It is the best option as they have fixed rates, are reliable and safe and their stand is just outside the station. Also, they only charge one way fare. About 100 Kms drive via Herbertspur  costed us 1100 Rs [Approximately $16]. There were hardly…

  • Chamba! Where Ravi flows!

    Chamba, Khajjiar, McLeodganj Trip

    Chamba in Himachal Pradesh [Not to be confused with Chamba near Mussoorie in Uttarakhand] is a district in Uttarakhand, and Chamba town can be reached via Pathankot and many other inlets. There may have been, in fact there is, an easier and direct route too but we decided to explore the beauty of Kangra Valley too so we took Himachal Express till Himachal Una. It is an overnight journey, but don’t remain cozy in the early hours of the next day on your sleeper berths otherwise you will miss the Anandpur Sahib Gurudwara [Visible from the railway station itself] and Bhakra Nangal Dam which can be seen from the train.…

  • Munsiyari, A place with snow

    Munsiyari! A place with snow.

    Munsiyari… the name itself brings back the nostalgic memories of my first visit to the place way back in the year 2000. It was not that well known a tourist destination then, but it was the base of my Milam Glacier trek 15 years ago. I was going to relive those days with my family that too in the winter month of February. We started off from Delhi early and by the time the sun gained height we were crawling through the traffic jams of Ghaziabad. Beyond Ghazibad the drive was smooth and it took us about one and a half hour to cover 60 kms distance from Delhi to…

  • Shimla Sunrise

    Shimla, Tattapani, Chail Trip

    In June we planned a small getaway and we zeroed on Shimla. It was not too far off from Delhi, I had never visited it before and there was an emotional quotient too. My father had spent few years of his youth in the city and he was revisiting it after 50 long years. We reached Kalka after a day long car ride from Delhi. For details to Kalka you can refer to my blog: Bike Ride to Reckong Peo & Sangla. One of us had to drive the car all the way to Shimla while others boarded the narrow gauge train, Shimla Express which has been declared a world…