• Trek route to Tungnath

    Road Trip! Lucknow to Tungnath

    Instinctively, four of us [all teachers in the same school] decided to go on a long journey and that too on a bike. Instinctively, because tripe like these are never planned long before and also because none of us had ever embarked on an endeavour like this before. So we got our bikes serviced and on advice [or rather bad advice] of one of us, we commenced our journey from Lucknow at night without the finalization of the final destination [Surprisingly]. So the clothing that included jeans, warm jackets and rain coat was packed. Documents related to personal identity and vehicles were double checked and stacked carefully. First Aid box…

  • Travel

    Pure nostalgia from past! Kedar Badri trip.

    No.. No!! do not read it is a travelogue. I say so because it is not going to help you in any of your future travel plans. I just want to take you back along with me to a unique, unplanned and amateurish excursion that we had had 20 years ago. It is a possibility that if you are in your 40s you might draw parallels to any of your own experiences. Those were the days when internet was new and raw, mobiles were carried by only those who could get a personal loan from the bank for it, call rates were high and even incoming calls were charged, PCOs…