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Umesh on road


A traveler on road.

A teacher by profession and a traveler at heart, that’s me in a nutshell. I wish to be a vagabond just like the one mentioned in the beautiful composition of Robert Louis Stevenson. I wish to be the ‘us’ with Mirza Ghalib who said:

“Let us go and live where there is no one else
Where no one speaks our language, no one understands our language

We will build a house devoid of doors or walls where
there will be no one to take care of us or befriend us,

If I fall ill there should be no one to nurse me back to health
And if I die, no one to mourn”

Unfortunately they were elites as poets while I am a worldly man. I know I won’t fulfill my own wishes unless I am destined to, God forbid, in extremely adverse circumstances.

I have roamed a lot. I have traversed hills, coasts, plains, desert and urban concretes and through this blog site wish to share my experiences with you all. I have traveled on foot [treks], bike, public transport and nearly every mode available. This is the only way I can reach out to many mortals who share the similar views and aspirations and would like to appreciate their experiences and wisdom not only with me but with everyone.

To everyone and fellow bloggers, Happy Blogging!

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